Open Caching Metadata Interface

What Is The Metadata Interface?

While the CDNi metadata interface was originally intended to provide downstream CDNs (dCDNs) with sufficient information to service content requests on behalf of upstream CDNs (uCDNs), the specification also provides an excellent starting point for configuration interchange use cases in the CDN industry and open caching ecosystem. In order to widen the context of the CDNi metadata model to cover more general CDN and open caching use cases, extensions are required to cover more complex configurations than those contemplated in the original CDNi metadata specification.

What Does The Metadata Interface Cover?

The Metadata Interface is an interface within the Open Caching Provisioning Component. It covers the following:
OC CDN Service ObjectDescriptionCDNi MI ObjectComments
Service IDA service identifier. Can be used for logging, accounting, and debugging purposes.No CDNi equivalent. Propose to add a new generic metadata type: MI.ServiceIdRFC
Service hostHostname designating the serviceMI.HostMatch
Service host and pathFor case in which a certain host serves more than one service, the service is designated by host and pathMi.HostMatch + MI.PathMatch
Acquisition sourcesList of available sources for acquisitionMI.SourceMetadata
Fallback to CDN addressList of CDN endpoints to fallback (redirect back)No CDNi equivalent. Propose to add enw generic metadata type: MI.FallbackMetadataRFC
Protocol ACLList of protocols allowed or denied by the service. The OC MUST deny access using non-listed protocolsMI.ProtocolACLAbsent or empty protocol ACL will result in allowing all action
Geo restrictionsList of zones from which access to the service is allowed or deniedMI.LocationACLAbsent or empty location ACL will result in allowing all action
Time window restrictionList of time windows during which access to the service is allowed or deniedMI.TimeWindowACLAbsent or empty time window ACL will result in allowing all action
Cache key calculationInstructions for calculation of the cache keyMI.CacheAllows path segments exclusions and URI parameter inclusions
Cache directivesTBDNo CDNi equivalentMissing specifications
HTTP header rewrite rulesHTTP headers rewrite metadata object contains information describing the rewrite rules for the serviceNo CDNi equivalentMissing specifications
URI signingURI signing metadata object contains information to enable URI signing and validation by the SPMI.DeliveryAuthorization is used to list the authentication methods to be applied. MI.UriSigning is a specific method within that list
URI tokenizationURI tokenization metadata object contains information to support detokenization at the cacheNo CDNi equivalentMissing specifications
CORS headersCORS headers metadata object contains information about which CORS headers handling. TBDNo CDNi equivalentMissing specifications

Other Open Caching Provisioning Interfaces

The Open Caching Provisioning Component has the following additional interfaces:

Open Caching Provisioning Specifications

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