Open Caching Metadata Interface

What Is The Metadata Interface?

While the CDNi metadata interface was originally intended to provide downstream CDNs (dCDNs) with sufficient information to service content requests on behalf of upstream CDNs (uCDNs), the specification also provides an excellent starting point for configuration interchange use cases in the CDN industry and open caching ecosystem. In order to widen the context of the CDNi metadata model to cover more general CDN and open caching use cases, extensions are required to cover more complex configurations than those contemplated in the original CDNi metadata specification.

What Does The Metadata Interface Cover?

The Metadata Interface is an interface within the Open Caching Provisioning Component. It covers the following:
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Other Open Caching Provisioning Interfaces

The Open Caching Provisioning Component has the following additional interfaces:

Open Caching Provisioning Specifications

The following documents are related to the Open Caching Provisioning Component.