Open Caching Documents

Open Caching Documents: Technical Specifications, Requirements, and More

The Open Caching Working Group has published a number of technical documents and specifications outlining functionality of the Open Caching Nodes, Control Plane, and other features. Click on either a Published or Draft Open Caching document to learn more and/or download.

Open Caching Documents: Specification Families

Some of the documents created by the Open Caching Working Group are part of a larger document family. These specifications work together to form a larger functional suite.

Open Caching Documents: Individual Published Specifications

Most of the documents created by the Open Caching Working Group are individual specifications. Although they are part of a larger whole (i.e., the Open Caching Network), they are also not dependent upon other technical documents. Click on a document title for more details.

SVTA2026: Home Storage Functional Specification
The Home Storage Open Caching Node (HS-OCN) project adds functionality to the open caching system to further improve quality of experience (QoE) on networks with last mile challenges including speed limits (e.g. low speed DSL), usage limits (e.g. wireless), and last mile congestion (e.g. COVID quarantine). In the United States, almost 20 million households still have DSL or wireless Internet...
SVTA2016: Open Caching Relayed Token Authentication
This document describes the functional specification of open-caching relayed-token-authentication mechanism. The focus is on generically supporting URI signing using this method. There are additional applications - like user Cookies, which are mentioned in this document without getting into the specifics. While multiple different CDNs, as well as CDNi, support Tokenization in alternative methods,...
SVTA2018: Open Caching Performance Measurement Specification
This document outlines measurement metrics for open-caching. The focus of this document is to outline key performance indicators related to quality of service metrics at the open cache nodes that is responsible for delivering the streaming content.
SVTA2005: Open Caching Logging Integration Functional Specification
This document describes the process of provisioning a Logging Integration between a CDN and an ISP in an Open Caching solution. That is the process of configuring how delivery logs are transferred from ISP to CDN. The requirements for logging in Open Caching Nodes are described in the “Open Caching Logging Requirements Specification” document. This document defines extensions to the...
SVTA2008: Open Caching Content Management Operations Specification
This document describes the functional specification of the Open Caching Content Management interface and the functionality requirements from the SP Open Caching system. This document discusses the interface between the SP Open Caching Controller and the CDN. The interface between the SP OCC and the cache nodes (OCNs) is beyond the scope of this document.
SVTA2000: Open Cache Solution Functional Requirement
Problem statement and functional requirements of an open caching solution deployed by service providers to be used by content providers and content delivery networks.
SVTA2006: Open Cache Request Routing Service Provisioning Interface Specification
This includes the functional specification of open-caching service provisioning interfaces enabling a CDN and an SP to exchange information to enable the delegation of CDN content requests to the SP Open Caching system.
SVTA2007-1: Open Cache Request Routing Functional Specification (Version 2.0)
High-level functional specification of open caching request routing and the required interfaces to enable request routing to be performed from an upstream CDN to an open cache system.
SVTA2004: Open Cache Logging Requirements Specification
This includes the Open Caching System (OCS) technical specifications for logging data to help track data acquisition and the delivery of it to the end user.

Open Caching Documents: Individual Draft Specifications

These are documents which have not yet been ratified. Click on a document title for more details. Note that you will be required to log in to the SVTA intranet in order to access these documents from their detail page.

Open Caching Documents: Supporting Materials

From time-to-time, the Open Caching Working Group may produce documents intended to support a technical understanding of the architecture or other components. These documents are collected below. Click on a document title to learn more.

SVTA1013: Optimizing Video Delivery With The Open Caching Network
Delivering a great video experience requires content to be served as close to the end-user as possible. In this whitepaper, we illustrate how network operators can implement Open Caching nodes at the edge of their network, while adhering to specifications created by the Open Caching Working Group of the Streaming Video Alliance. These nodes can mitigate delivery latency and provide an improved...