Capacity Footprint API

The Capacity Footprint API is intended to allow participants in the federated video delivery service to communicate availability and capacity information as needed.  The design is meant to encompass multiple use cases, including one content provider to many CDNs/ISPs as well as more complex multiparty interactions, all while preserving the flexibility and business models of …

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Content Management Interface

Development of content management interface within open caching architecture to enable pre-positioning, purging, listing and update of content within an open caching system.

Open Caching API

OpenAPI descriptions of the SVA Open Caching interface based on CDNI modeling (RFC8006, RFC8007, RFC8008, RFC8804) and SVA extensions. All files are JSON objects, yaml formated according to the OpenAPI specification.

Capacity API

One of the core challenges in Open Caching is to understand when and where to delegate requests. Building on the CDNi (RFC 7336) and ALTO (RFC 7285) standards, the Open Caching Working Group is developing a JSON-based Capacity API to help automate this selection process.  A delegating content provider or CDN can ask an Open …

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Configuration API

Cache configurations must be made on a per-CDN basis. This can result in a lot of duplicative effort as well as introduce the potential for errors. For example, what if a configuration is applied to the wrong CDN? It is critical for network operations personnel to be able to ensure that the correct CDN configuration …

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